GAO’s Bid Protest Decision Breathes New Life Into Protester’s Bids

Last week, the GAO issued a decision in The Matter of Al Raha Group for Technical Services,Inc.; Logistics Management International, Inc. The Air Force issued an RFP for F-15 fighter jet transportation support services. In response, it received 7 proposals. These proposals would be evaluated based upon three factors: technical; past performance; and cost/price. All seven bidders received “Acceptable” scores with regards to the technical factor. Logistics Management International, Inc (“LMI”) and Al Raha Group for Technical Services, Inc. (“RGTS”) submitted the two lowest bids respectively with regards to price, with SupplyCore coming in third. However, both LMI and RGTS recieved a “Limited” score on the Past Performance Confidence factor. Due to this, the Air Force awarded the bid to SupplyCore and LMI and RGTS filed a bid protest.

The GAO held that the Air Force failed to evaluate SupplyCore’s past performance in accordance with RFP requirements. It further held that the Air Force failed to meaningfully consider available agency information regarding LMI’s past performance of similar requirements for the Air Force, and therefore sustained LMI’s bid protest. However, the GAO held that the Air Force did not unreasonably ignore or contradict RGTS’s CPARs, rely on adverse past performance information, or ignore relevant past performance information not yet captured in a final, formal CPAR.

Based upon these holdings, the GOA recommended that the Air Force reevaluate offerors’ past performance information and, based on that reevaluation, it recommended that the agency make a new source selection determination. Finally, it recommended that the agency reimburse the protesters their respective costs associated with filing and pursuing their protests, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

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GAO's Bid Protest Decision Breathes New Life Into Protester's Bids
After filing a bid protest action with the GOA, unsuccessful bidders are now going to have their bids rescored.